Black Truffle Cheese

What is Truffle?

Truffle is an exotic, expensive delight that is very popular in the culinary world. It used to be common in France, however World War II damaged most of French countryside and destroyed a lot of the existing truffle forests. Truffle is a subterranean fungus that only grows underground in certain soil and under specific types of tree. Truffle is very nutritious, it contains 75% -80% water, low fat content (1-6%) and a fair amount of protein (6-8%). It also has good mineral content with phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

You can determine what type of tree the truffle grows under based on its colour, flavour and scent. The type of soil the truffle grows in determines its shape. If the truffle grows in soft soil, it will appear smoother, however if the soil is compact and the truffles struggles for room, it will have a gloomy appearance.

White truffles are typically found in the Langhe and Montferrat areas of northern Italy around Piedmont region (where our maker Luigi spent his early years!). Additionally, the countrysides of Alba and Asti are popular truffle hunting areas. White truffles are also found in the hill regions of Tuscany in Italy near certain trees. (Source: Wide Open Eats)

Because it only grows on certain types of soil and trees, farming truffle is very difficult. Harvesting truffle also requires a lot of labor. Hunters and their trained dogs roam through hills and forests to search for truffles that are buried underground.

Considering the high cost of truffles, truffle-flavored cheese is relatively affordable. Since truffle is very aromatic, most cheese only requires a small amount truffle added.

Storing and Serving Black Truffle Cheese

It is recommended to keep cheese on a higher shelf of the refrigerator, far from food with strong odors, in order to avoid absorption of unwanted tastes and smells. In fact, the best option is to store them in a food container with lid to preserve cheese freshness and to protect from moisture, odors and possible moulding in the fridge. Freezing is not recommended.

What is in Our Black Truffle Cheese?

At Tanto Latte, we are committed to producing the freshest and highest quality of dairy products. We pride ourselves to bringing you the most authentic tasting Italian Cheeses with no milk powder or milk proteins added. We understand that dairy products are packed with great nutritions and they are an essential part of a healthy diet. That’s why, all of our cheese products are made from 100% Canadian whole milk, from Dairy Farmers of Canada with cows treated with the necessary care, nutritious diets and respectful environment. Our cheeses are handmade in our factory in Salmon Arm, BC and offered to you with daily freshness.

Our Black Truffle Cheese is made with pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, truffle oil and black truffle paste.

About Tanto Latte 

Tanto Latte is a manufacturer, retailer and distributor of Italian Soft Cheese in Salmon Arm, BC. We produce an assortment of Italian cheese for both retail and the food service sectors. We work hard daily to bring to your table the best homemade Italian cheese. Visit our store or contact us today for more details.

Black truffle cheese in Salmon Arm, BC

Black Truffle Cheese Recipe

A little bit of Black Truffle Cheese melted into a dish can be evolutionary. It can be melted in or over any pasta dish, risotto, polenta, scramble eggs or anything that you would like to add a cheesy taste and the amazing truffle aroma to. This preciously flavoured cheese can also be used as an appetizer with crostini, filled in pastry or as a filling of any dish.

Because of its delicate, aromatic and unusual flavour, cooking with truffle should be kept simple so the flavour of truffle can be the spotlight. Black Truffle Cheese can also be consumed on its own and it would pair well with a glass of sparkling bubbles.

Our cheese maker Luigi is also an award-winning Italian chef for 20 years! See some of Luigi's Black Truffle Cheese recipe recommendations here.



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