Organic Toma


  • Buttery and creamy Toma cheese
  • Semi-hard cheese
  • One of Italy’s most popular cheese from Northern Italy
  • Made with organic Canadian whole milk
  • Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag
  • 2-month shelf life
  • Available in 250 g or 1 kg
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It is recommended to keep Toma cheese on a higher shelf of the refrigerator, far from food with strong odours, in order to avoid absorption of unwanted tastes and smells.

Toma should be stored in a food container with tight lid to preserve cheese freshness and to protect from moisture, odours and possible moulding in the fridge. Freezing is not recommended.

Tanto Latte Toma cheese is best served with burgers, casseroles, sautéed greens or similar dishes that can take advantage of its excellent melting qualities. It also goes well on a charcuterie board, best paired with peaches, honey, fig jam, and toasted nuts.

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Toma Sizes

250g, 1kg