Burrata pesto recipe

Burrata Pesto Recipe

The real magic happens when burrata is sliced open and the creamy insides spill out. It makes a nice topping on a salad, wonderful spread on a slice of toasted bread or a refreshing side dip. Burrata Pesto is the perfect additional to your dinner party, your guests will never forget the divine freshness you…

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Caciotta cheese fondue recipe

Caciotta Cheese Fondue Recipe

Caciotta is commonly used as a table cheese, it should be eaten fresh or cooked in your favourite dish. It is a very versatile cheese that can be used in many different ways. Because of its creamy and soft characteristics, Caciotta is perfect to use for cheese fondue. Caciotta Cheese Fondue is an easy crowd-pleasing…

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Crottin Salad with Grilled Paglierino Recipe

Crottin Salad with Grilled Paglierina Recipe

Crottin Salad, adopted from French culinary, refers to a dish that has baked Crottin de Chavignol on green salad. In this recipe, we are going to add a modern Italian twist to it with our Paglierina! This recipe is perfect for a romantic brunch, a quick and easy vegetarian dinner or for when you would like…

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Deep Fried Provolone and Asparagus Ravioli Recipe

Fried Provolone and Asparagus Ravioli is a fun and delicious appetizer for audience of all ages! With crispy shell and soft cheesy filling, what’s not to like? Kiddos love fried food! Pair this with a glass of Pinot Noir, you will steal every adult’s heart away!You can also turn this into a main dish by…

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Parsley pesto with primo sale recipe

Parsley Pesto with Primo Sale Recipe

Primo Sale is made from slightly pressed curds, which create a soft texture that makes it easy to be a topping on any slice of toast, bread or bagel.  This recipe makes a perfect quick breakfast or dress it up as an appetizer and you can wow anyone at your next dinner party. For this…

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Poached Egg Au Gratin with Black Truffle Cheese recipe

Poached Egg Au Gratin with Black Truffle Cheese

If you are a cheese lover, the term “au gratin” needs to be added to your dictionary. “Au gratin”, adopted from French culinary, refers to a dish that is baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese. The au gratin topping should be golden brown, which can be achieved by baking or by placing the dish…

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